Indian Spices is a technology enabled FMCG Company focused on providing quality packaged spices to the Indian Consumers. Our competitive advantage lies in the technological capabilities we deploy across supply chain disrupting the traditional methods of business.

The traditional spices business has issues relating to non-transparent prices, instability in quality and non-economies of small traders that jack up the prices by the time it reaches the bottom of supply chain. Indian Spices solves all the above problems through its branded products and this where our value proposition lies. Our impeccable quality and compliance to Indian and international food safety standards provide us loyal customers and access to organized supply chain.

Our Products

After ensuring preliminary quality check & complete cleaning and sorting through designated process flow of whole spices we offer a wide variety of over 80 SKU’s.

Technological Capabilities

Our sales force is equipped with mobile applications, which we call Astra. This proprietary technology helps our sales force to locate the retail stores through navigation system and record orders digitally. This helps the company maintain vast field database in a more organized manner and take necessary marketing actions.

We also provide our distributors daily prices of the commodities to maintain the right price across India throughout our supply chain.


Address & Map

Corporate Headquarters:
Indian Spices.
A-104/14, Wazirpur Industrial Area, New Delhi 110052

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